Device developed by a cytotechnologist to reduce sampling errors to allow clinicians to independently perform proper evaluation.Technologists can also support clinicians by provide ROSE without staining procedure.

MOBILE ROSE2021.04 International Patented/Specially controlled medical device


Mobile Rose01

Are you dissatisfiedwith the results of the fine needle aspiration cytology?

  • Too many undeterminable, false positive, and false negative results
  • Difficulties in getting assistance by cytotechnologists and pathologists at sampling sites.

For doctors dissatisfied
with cytology results by improper sampling.

specimen collection easier and reliable.

Product features


The practice of ROSE in one minute.
*ROSE(Rapid On Site Evaluation)


Reducing the three major sampling errors(Air drying artifact, blood obscured, and insufficient materials)


The observed specimen container goes straight to Cytology testing.


ALL in ONE Microscope specialized in ROSE.


Compact & lightweight, by using a smartphone camera taking and saving images are also possible


MR Preservation Solution No.5

ROSE in one minute
by a physician or a technologist.

The physician or technologist evaluate adequacy of materials without staining since cell collection can be confirmed by simply inserting the specimen container into the observation holder.

Reducing the three major sampling errors
(air drying artifact, blood obscured, and insufficient materials).

By air drying artifact, blood obscured, and insufficient materials, causing undecidable, false positive and false negative results, diagnostic accuracy will be improved.

The observed specimen container goes straight to Cytology testing

The design of Mobile Rose with an efficient flow line enables collecting LBC samples easily, and on- site evaluation of specimen adequacy contributes higher accuracy of diagnosis.
The view cap: Storage container with observation window can be labeled and directly carry into the laboratory for Cyto-diagnosis after ROSE procedure.

Specialized in ROSE ALL in ONE Microscope

Cytology sample can be easily separated through CNB and needle washing which contribute to improve cell collection rate. After collection, the View Cap can be turned upside down and inserted into the observation holder to observe the presence of collected cells.

Compact & lightweight, by using a smartphone camera which taking and saving images are also possible.

A Handy device requiring only an approx. 25cm square space. The use of a smartphone camera makes it easy to take and save images for later comparison with cytological diagnosis results.
Please refer the information for recommended smartphone models.

MR Preservation Solution(*3)

MR preservation solution has the ability to prevent blood gelation and protein solubilization.
And also, PAP-stained specimens using MR preservation solution do not shrink cells which provides the image similar to a conventional smear.

Observation image using Mobile Rose & MR Cell Preservation Solution

Currently only Papanicolaou staining is recommended.

Parts / Specification

Multi-functional Integrated Microscope

Assisting sampling by the cell observation without staining possible. Mobile Rose which prevents the three major sampling errors (insufficient materials, air drying artifact and blood obscured) by observing the FNA materials in the specimen container.


  • Lens for culture microscope(Finite phase contrast lens)(20x)
  • Maximum magnification: Approx. 100 to 600 times or more with smartphone camera image magnification(depending on smartphone functions)
  • Observation field of view 1 ㎜2 to 5 ㎜2
  • Focusing: Screw-type (Course drive) digital zoom (including autofocus)
    *Light source: LED ring lighting (CE, PSE certified)
      Input voltage AC110-240V, output voltage DC12V, maximum output: 5W
      Working distance: 40-160mm, Lighting: Continuous variable type
      Lifespan: LED approx. 50000 hours Power supply approx. 8000 hours
    *Identification device with cytology and tissue diagnosis materials lighting Installation equipment: Identification funnel sold separately
  • Supported smartphones: See recommended Models
  • Made in Japan
  • *The appearance and specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice.

Centrifuge tube with specimen container lid named View Cap for observation
(International patent granted in April 2021)

The View Cap and centrifuge tube can be used as a specimen container after cell observation; therefore, the observed cells are not lost and can be placed on the slide glass for cytological examination.


  • Material: View Cap (PC), centrifuge tube (PP)
  • Disposable product
  • <View Cap>
    Dimensions: 16mm x 33mm (outer diameter)
    Capacity: 2.5ml
  • <Test Tube>
    Dimensions: 17mm x 111mm (outer diameter)
    Capacity: 13ml (with scale)

Identification Funnel
(International patented in April 2021)

Identification of tissue materials and cytology materials in the needle biopsy materials. Tissue materials for pathological examination and materials for cytological examination can be easily distinguished by light-up, and more cells can be easily collected by also collecting cells in the needle.


  • Material: Resin (PET)
  • External dimensions: 70x30x25mm
  • Disposable product
  • Made in Japan

Test Tube Holder for View Cap
(Maruemu TM Holder 19)

The View Cap Holder for directly collecting cell fluid into the View Cap. When an identification funnel is not used, the View Cap placed in the holder filled with preservation solution, and the cell fluid is directly discharged, by simply attaching the test tube, ROSE is possible with the Mobile Rose.


  • Material: Resin
  • Diameter: 18.5mm (7 horizontal rows / 4 vertical rows)
  • Dimension: 97x162x35mm
  • Made in Japan

MR preservation solution No.5
(for Papanicolaou staining)

MR preservation solution has anti-gelation, hemolytic, and protein solubilizing activities, and provides Papanicolaou staining images similar to direct smear method with reduced cell shrinkage.


  • 250ml / 500ml
  • Available for purchase in quantities of one bottle

Product Number

・Identification Funnel
・View Cap
・TM Holder
・MR Preservation Solution

Validated smartphone with Mobile Rose observable

Smartphone model gets changed frequently and manufacturers vary widely, it is not possible to verify all models. Please refer to our verified models listed below.
We recommend the models with a camera with a maximum magnification of X10 or higher.

  • *If the smartphone holder does not fit, please remove the holder and use the gel pad instead.
  • *There are telephoto, normal, wide angle, and ultra-wide angle lenses. Please use the appropriate lens of smartphone.
  • *If a camera app gets reset due to time limits, you may use a video mode.

<Recommended Models>

iPhone7 or later ~12 / Android / AQUOS Sence4 SH-M15 / HAUWEI P40Pro 01 / GALAXY
(As of May 2021)

Maintenance /
Component replacement

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • We will replace the LED light free of charge within three years. However, due to damages caused by the customer, replacement will be charged. After 3 years, customers need to make own replacements. Please contact your distributor or our company to order your replacement components. Replacements are available for a fee.
  • Outside of Japan, the situation may vary depending on the country, and we will respond to each case individually.

English Version / 日本語版

Mobile Rose Multifunctional Integrated Microscope
Promotional Video(3min. 8sec.)

The video explaining how to use Mobile Rose.
You can watch the process of core needle biopsy (CNB) and fine needle aspiration (FNA). Reducing the three major sampling errors, and completing the process in the shortest one minute.

Mobile Rose Multifunctional Integrated Microscope
Product Catalog

Mobile Rose catalog in PDF format

To Public Relations, Publishers
Official Press Images

The Mobile Rose Multifunctional Integrated Microscope was developed as a device for rapid on site evaluation(ROSE) with an internationally patented mechanism. Often, not enough cells are collected to diagnose pathological changes like tumors, as well as poor fixation or blood obscured makes diagnosis difficult.
By making cells more reliable and facilitating proper evaluation by the collector (usually a clinician) on site , it reduces the psychological and physical burden on the patients, and also by reducing the unsatisfactory rates, it contributes reducing medical costs and early start of treatments.

You may use the following images in your publications or articles, but please inform us of the purpose of the use in advance. However; we do not permit the use in publications or websites that are offensive to public order and morals.


Masataka Kato

Chairman of the board, Ymachu Co., Ltd.
Masataka Kato

Our company, Yamachu Co., Ltd. was founded in 1965 as a Japanese confectionery manufacturer in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture. In 1998 we shifted our business to the manufacture and sale of cosmetics, which we continue to do today. In 2020, we newly applied for a medical device manufacturing and sales business and we developed the world's first unique multifunctional integrated microscope called Mobile Rose. This opportunity to contribute to the development of the field of medicine gives us a perfect challenge based on our company's philosophy "Give & Give”. All of us at the company find it very sobering and we will continue to work hard.

秋山 典子MOBILE ROSE Developer
Noriko Akiyama


  • Medical Technologist Certified Cytotechnologist
  • Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology Certified International Cytotechnologist
  • International Academy of Cytology


  • Kitasato University School of Allied Health Sciences
  • M.Sc. in International Health Systems Management, University of Liverpool, UK

Through my many years of experience as a cytologist, I have come to realize that the best way to improve the diagnostic accuracy of cytological tests is to ensure that the material collection is done properly.

In this context, Rapid On Site Evaluation (ROSE) technique has recently been attracting attention. At the same time, however; there is a lack of manpower like cytotechnologists who carry out this task. Coronavirus pandemic is now adding to that problem.

In facilities where cytotechnologists or pathologists cannot perform ROSE, needle aspiration materials are submitted for testing without knowing whether they are appropriate or not.

Despite the increase in the number of slides due to the anxiety of clinicians, the conventional method often results in cases where diagnosis is difficult due to air drying degeneration or blood obscured, which is also a major cause of concern for diagnosticians.

The MOBILE ROSE multifunctional integrated microscope is a device which LBC(Liquid-based-Cytology) method for rapid fixation and visualization of cells in a preservation solution using a view cap are both capable in a container for cell collection, and was developed as a tool to prevent improper specimens.

Although MOBILE ROSE is not a tool for rapid diagnosis, we believe that it will enable observation of cells in the specimen container, reduce inadequate rates, and lead to rapid diagnosis and early treatments.

By cutting the number of unnecessary reexaminations, it is expected to reduce the burden on patients and staff as well as contribute to reducing medical costs. We hope that this system will be used by many doctors who are in charge of the collection.


What are compatible smartphones?
We recommend using an iPhone 7 or later, or a smartphone with a camera capable of digital zoom of 10x or higher. If the size or camera position does not fit the holder, the attached gel pad can be used to remove the holder and attach it to any position.
Can we perform MOBILE ROSE observation with other than MR preservation solution No.5?
The biggest obstacle to MR observation is gelatinization caused by large amounts of blood contamination. When gelatinization occurs, it becomes difficult to observe the epithelium. MR Preservation Solution No.5 is a preservation solution for Mobile Rose observation and Papanicolaou staining with anti-gelation, excellent hemolytic properties and low cell shrinkage.
For other storage solutions, please contact us individually.

Cell fluids with little blood contamination makes MR observation possible.
In this case, we recommend using a smartphone camera with a magnification of 10x or higher.
Is there a special training for cell observation?
It requires basic knowledge, but does not need any special training.

If you first observe only the stored fluid without cells, you would clearly see the difference when cells are collected. In some cases, such as cyst fluid, the color of the fluid would turn green. If there were a lot of blood, it would be the color of blood.
※The purpose is for proper evaluation, benign and malignant cannot be diagnosed.
Please refer to the reference image.

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Yamachu Co., Ltd.

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