Presentation at the 59th Annual Convention of the Japanese Society for Clinical Cytology by Dr. Toshitetsu Hayashi, Mitsuyoshi Hirokawa at Kuma Hospital, and Noriko Akiyama at Yamachu.Co.Inc.

“Consideration of practicality of Mobile Rose in Thyroid Puncture Aspiration Cytology.”
LBC cytology with BD CytoRichTM Red Preservative,
the accuracy of the Mobile Rose test is high, with sensitivity (94.6%), specificity (100%), and positive predictive value (100%),
useful for rapid determination of FNA materials on-site, operation time 90.1 seconds, effective for rapid evaluation of specimens.

Determination can be made without the need for a pathologist or cytotechnologist. High false negative rate (42.9%), difficulty in recognizing small cell clusters.

Above points were presented as a result of the verification.
(Source: Poster presentation by Dr. Toshitetsu Hayashi)